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Locate fee $125.00
Results Guaranteed. No locate No Charge.
No opening fee. Over 75% success rate.
Average locate completed in 2 to 3 days. Over 900,000 skip locates completed.

Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What do you charge to locate someone?
A. We charge $125.00 for a completed locate. There is no charge if we cannot find the subject.

Q. Is there an extra charge for difficult locates?
A. No.

Q. What methods do you use in attempting to find people?
A. In addition to using the regular data base services available to most invesigators and information providers we have developed our own proprietary data bases and sources. We also, whenever possible, contact relatives, friends, neighbors, ex-employers, creditors and others that are or were associated with the subject.

Q. What type of information do you provide
A. Unless instructed differently by you, we provide a current, verified, physical location for the subject.

Q. Many companies provide a "current address" which in fact turns out to be a "last known address". Is that what you do?
A. No. We verify that the subject actually lives or works at the address we provide. If for any reason we are unable to verify the address we will notify you.

Q. In what states do you search for people?
A. We search nationwide.

Q. What information must a client provide in order for you to initiate a search?
A. We will work with whatever information that you have. The more information that you provide us, the better the chance of finding the subject. However, we will try with anything as long as we have a means of identifying the subject.

Q. What types of information would help you in locating someone?
A. Full name, last known address, social security number, date of birth, names of relatives, previous employers, and drivers license number. Any or all of these help us.

Q. What types of people search assignments do you accept?
A. Due to the large number of stalkers and people attempting to obtain information for improper reasons, we no longer accept people search assignments from individuals and businesses unless there is already a judgment on record. All other other types of people search assignments are only accepted from attorneys and law firms.

Q. Do clients have to pay in advance for locates?
A. No. You must however, provide us with your credit card information. Once we locate the person, we bill your credit card and then advise you as to the location found. If we do not locate your person, there will be no charge and we will advise you as to our inabilty to complete the locate.

Q. How does a client assign a locate investigation?
A. Clients assign locates online through a secured server.

Q. Does a client have to call you before assigning its first locate?
A. No. A client must make the assignment via forms provided by us. Click here to make an assignment. .

Q. How long does it take to locate someone?
A. Our average locate is completed within two (2) to three (3) days, however in certain instances it may take longer depending on whether or not the subject is hiding.

Q. Do you provide interim reports?
A. No. However, if we have had your assignment for over one week, you may email a request for a report and we will respond.

Q. What happens if you cannot locate someone?
A. We send you a report via email advising you of our inability to locate the subject.
Please to assign an investigation now.

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